Por•tret (pawr-trit,pohr-treyt)

A unique, not necessarily conventional artwork which captures the indefinable essence of the sitter.

The Portret Project was founded in 2013 in New Delhi. It is a niche concept with a focus on portraiture as an art form and with an emphasis on its radical role in the history of art and its growth and development.

Portraiture as a medium for artistic expression has been largely forgotten and in the same breath there are no preferred sensibilities or anything dictating how a contemporary portrait should look.

TPP aims to explore important questions of how the self is represented and defined as well as the means through which this commemoration takes place. This is, in itself, a highly revealing aesthetic exercise. Also, the genre has widened its parameters to include diverse media and now offers an array of new possibilities and dimensions for facial and bodily representation in terms of form and content.