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Venugopal VG

Venugopal VG’s enigmatic creations in a variety of media are loaded with latent but explosive energy. His imagery can be read both as an extrapolation of a moment in our collective history and as a self-portrait of experience and as a repository of meanings denotes multiple biographical experiences and narratives. It also expresses angst, in terms of deficiency, betrayal and conflict. It is not his intention to present esoterica but to present works, which are based on and determined by highly personal, subjective experiences.

Thus, while he draws upon specific images, concepts and moments, he does so in conjunction with subjective ideas and thoughts. In turn, this otherwise coded relationship opens up a number of doors to the audience conveying feelings of transcendence, desire, disillusionment and urban displacement. This harmony of content enables both the artist and his audience to consider and expand their notions of shared history, culture and experiences.