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Sakhshi Mahajan

Sakhshi Mahajan is a freelance art dealer and curator in New Delhi. She has worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Gagosian Gallery in Philadelphia and New York City respectively. She returned to New Delhi, India and has hosted two salon shows titled 'Kunstkammer' and "Suggestive Dichotomies". She also curated 'Goa Style' by Rohit Chawla at the Religare Art Gallery. Sakhshi conceptualized 'TPP' and hopes viewers in India start perceiving facial and bodily representations in art differently.

Ashlin Mathew

She is a media professional with an interest in the creative arts, especially in the art of portraiture. She has been a principal correspondent for over eight years and has written extensively on contemporary art practices. Ashlin is also a creative writer who blogs about the experiences of being a single young woman in Delhi. She lives and works in New Delhi.