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Prasannakumar Nagarajan

N Prasannakumar’s works are contemplative, innately personal visions, which embody emotional essence. They are captivating, powerful and sometimes quite chilling. Nonetheless, many are the images by which the viewer might become aware of the falsehood behind conventions and be able to find a way back to the mysterious essence of things. The apparent simplicity of Prasannakumar’s works is clearly a suspect one. His serigraphs and mixed media works are methodical, but the surprising in them never mere vagary.

What he seeks to achieve is controlled resonance without being ambiguous. They are haunting with a hint of the oppressiveness of hallucinations about them and stress the poetic image as conscious and visible, rather than symbolic or significant. These are spectacular works of dark and hypnotic power. Muted in colour but abundant in detail and imagery they are characterized by a sleekness of finish and a synchronized presentation of the commonplace and the unusual as well as of hesitation and disquiet.