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Twenty for Twenty

The Portret Project believes in making the art of portraiture accessible, brining to our audience a wide array of ‘portrets’ ranging from the traditional to the conceptual. Thus Twenty for Twenty, a year-long project aims at widening this accessibility across countries and in doing so exposing the personalities and works of our artists to a wider audience.

The inaugural show to be held in August in New Delhi will showcase the first batch of artists involved in the project. Over the coming months the number of participating artists will grow and they will show their works at both conventional and unconventional venues. This gradual unfolding allows them to express themselves in ways that they may not have explored before.

The uniformity of size, 11.7 x 16.5 inches which is the only curatorial agenda imposed on the works is so that the show

reads cogently and allows artists to showcase their skills, experiences and creative practices within a standardized format.

The world of portraiture is brimming with possibilities for artist and viewer alike and the project aims to facilitate the exploration of some of those possibilities. The artworks will transcend the usual by allowing younger collectors access at the affordable and standardized price of Rs. 20,000.

In keeping with our mandate to make art welcoming, friendly and approachable we are also carrying out a research project, ‘TPP’s Guide to Collecting Contemporary Art’. This will enable the Y Generation to procure information about the process of collecting art and to visually and intellectually engage with the notion of what it is to be a collector. The guide will be made available through digital media to all who may desire it.